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Attestation of Farming Communities With Regards to Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) Intervention in Damaturu (Published)

The study attests the impacts of Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) on farmers at Dikumari in Damaturu, Yobe State. That is, if the programme had alleviated poverty and increased food stuff production. A reconnaissance survey was carried out to assess their existing Farm sites. Key Informant Interview (KII) and 310 self-administered questionnaires were issued to the respondents and analysed using simple statistics. The analysis reveals that; accessibility to farm input including number of times for training by extension worker to the farmers/beneficiaries has significant effect on the level of satisfaction, and only access to improve seeds and animals has no significance. The study could be adopted and used by relevant authorities on how to train farmers/beneficiaries, monitoring and investment in farm inputs, on-time ploughing and establishment of farm centres. There are a lot of publications on ADPs, but none was conducted on the impact of intervention at the study area.

Keywords: Damaturu, Intervention, Yobe state, agricultural development programme, farming, farming communities