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Farm Business Management Skills a Missing Link for Smallholder Farmers: A Case of Malingunde, Malawi (Published)

This study aimed to assess specific farm business management skills which are essential soft skills for increasing agricultural profitability. The study aimed specifically to assess whether smallholder farmers have received farm business training from any organization; examining the level of satisfaction and importance of the farm business management trainings and exploring specific farmers training needs with respect to core principles of farm business management. Quantitative data from 200 smallholder farmers and other stakeholders involved in agricultural activities was collected in central region of Malawi and analysed using Spearman rank correlation with its rho test statistic (rs) tested the relationship between training in farm business management and farmers’ satisfaction and performance. The study found that less farmers received farm business management skills training, training service providers from both government and non-governmental organizations are not providing the necessary management skills due to either inadequate capacity, knowledge and resources or a combination of these.

Keywords: Farm Business Management Skills, Poverty, Smallholder Farmers