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Factors Causing Low Academic Achievement among Najran University Students from the Faculty Members’ Perspective (Published)

The study aimed to identify the factors causing the low academic achievement among Najran University students from the faculty members’ perspective. Descriptive and analytical approach was adopted. The study population consisted of all faculty members in Najran University in Saudi Arabia numbered (700) members. The sample was randomly selected from the study population, the author has distributed (250) questionnaires, (248) retrieved. The results showed that the means of the factors causing the low academic achievement among Najran University students from the faculty members’ perspective were medium. Furthermore, there were no statistically significant differences of the factors causing the low academic achievement among the participants due to gender, educational qualification and years of experience. The study recommended the importance of providing more attention by the parents to their children and encourages them to love learning, and avoid comparing them with peers, furthermore, the need of conducting free training courses and enrichment classrooms for students at the University to improve their academic achievement.

Keywords: Faculty members, Low Academic Achievement, Najran University

Instructional Leadership In Higher Education: How Does It Work? (Published)

Instructional leadership is in a separate place from the other forms as it has a key role in the effective teaching and learning processes together with the changing social structure and idea. The roles of the faculty members in the higher education institutions are one of the important factors for the success within the institution. In this study it is aimed to determine the opinions related to the instructional leadership of the faculty members working in higher education institutions. Within the scope of the study, thirteen faculty members were interviewed. The data of the study was obtained through qualitative research method. In addition, the study was carried out with phenomenological method which is one of the qualitative research methods and in the study semi-structured interview technique was utilized.  As a result of the study, it was understood that the faculty members’ opinions about the instructional leadership are based more generally on some ideas such as attributing importance on using visual materials and method variety in their courses, trying to participate in the national and international activities in order to obtain a professional development, keeping in touch with their colleagues for raising the students’ success level and being a role model for students through their behavior and attitudes.

Keywords: Faculty members, Higher Education, Instructional Leadership