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English Prospective Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Profession of Teaching: An Explorative Study in Yemen (Published)

This study attempts to obtain empirical evidence on pre-service student-teachers’ attitudes towards the teaching profession in the faculties of Education at Hodeidah University, Yemen. Also, it investigates the effect of the participants’ gender, place of study and their selection of English as a major on their attitudes. 300 fourth-year student-teachers, undergoing B.Ed. courses in the English Departments of the different Faculties of Education affiliated to Hodeidah University, are surveyed. The Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession is used to identify the participants’ attitudes. To analyze data, mean, standard deviation, t-test and Pearson correlation are calculated. The results indicate that the participants tend to hold fairly positive attitudes towards the teaching profession, their attitudes are affected by their gender and place of study while there is no correlation found between the students’ attitudes and their selection of English as a major. Some recommendations are made in order to enhance these attitudes .  

Keywords: Attitudes, Faculties of Education, Profession, Prospective, Student Teachers