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Recounting Dickens’ Observations of Everyday Life with Reference to his Novel Great Expectations (Published)

This study to somehow is a perspective of the idea that a work of art usually mixes with some items from real life and then imaginary ones for the writer to create his story around and the verse: there was a real story like the Titanic but the people on the film are just performers (actors), they might not be on the earth when the Titanic horrible accident took place. So, this study intends to separate the reality from such bushes and sets it in its concrete form. The study limits to the 19th-century British society, so, the novel under analysis is the Great Expectations (1993) by Charles Dickens. In this, study the researcher guides with the realism method along with the descriptive approach to analyze under focus novel. Moreover, the study deals with some questions to postulate findings: “In what way does Dickens novel unfold the British society? And “How does Dickens touch the real things (Facts) concerning Britons daily life chores? The study comes out with that Dickens successfully gives factual details concerning British society. Also, he tells how Britons’ real life is including people’s behaviours, food, deeds and social interactions, and that is the quest which this study sets for.

Keywords: Realism, bushes, chores, descriptive approach, facts