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The Production Technology of Graphene (Published)

Graphene wonder and amazing material in the universe. Graphene all the excellent properties mechanical, optical, electrical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, electronics. This reason graphene is one of the material uses all application like tissue engineering, bio imaging, Polymerase chain reaction, devices, drug deliver, biomicrorobotics, testing, electronics, transistors , transparent conducting electrode , frequency multiplier, optoelectronics, hall effect sensors, quantum dots, organic electronics, light processing, optical  modulator, infrared light detection, energy, generation, ethanol  distillation, solar cell, fuel cell, storage, super capacitor, Electrode for Li-ion batteries, Hydrogen storage, Rechargeable battery, Sensors, Molecular adsorbtion, Piezoelectric effect, Body motion, Environmental, Contaminant removal, Water filtration, Plasmonics and meta materials, Lubricant, Radio wave absorption, Redox, Nanoantennas, Sound transducers, Waterproof coating, Coolant additive, Reference material, Thermal management, Structural material, Catalyst, power electronics, power transmission system , biomedical. Graphene is most important point of production required different application and different technology using high quality production of the graphene.  

Keywords: Application, Fabrication Technology, Fabrication of Graphene, Graphene Properties