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A Study of Achievement and Intelligence Level of Students in Secondary Education in Nepal With Regard to Education Stream (Published)

The purpose of this study was to compare the academic achievement and intelligence level of Secondary School students of science, management, and education streams to identify the enrollment trend of students in teacher education in Nepal. Mean score of grade point averages and intelligence test of science stream students was greater than management stream students and average scores of management stream students were greater than education stream students. F-test revealed that there was significant difference among the mean scores of science, management, and education stream students at significance level α = .01.Results show that the students with higher academic achievement and intelligence level are enrolling in science stream, average are in management stream and with low academic achievement and intelligence are in education stream, i.e., teacher education. Review of previous studies and reports revealed that intelligent person are not attracting towards teaching profession and the condition is same till now.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Educational Stream, F-test, Intelligence, Teacher Education