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Serum Level of Lead, Zinc, Cadmium, Copper and Chromium among Occupationally Exposed Automotive Workers in Benin City (Published)

Aim: This study is aimed at assessing the level of exposure to lead, cadmium, chromium, zinc and copper among occupationally exposed automobile repair workers and create awareness for proper safety measures.Methodology: A total of 94 auto repair workers comprising battery recyclers (n = 14), motor mechanics (n =59) and spray painters (n = 21), selected from various auto repair workshops in Benin City and 50 unexposed controls participated in the study. Blood samples were collected and analysis for blood levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, copper and zinc were done using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Results: Data indicated significantly (p < 0.001) greater levels of lead, cadmium, chromium, zinc and copper in auto mechanics, spray painters and battery recyclers compared with the non-exposed controls. In contrast, the blood levels of these metals did not differ when compared among the auto repair workers. Conclusion: The significantly greater levels of lead, cadmium, chromium, zinc and copper in auto workers clearly demonstrates that auto repair workers are more likely to be exposed to toxicity of metals due to their occupational activities than the general population. This calls for adequate maintenance of safety measures and hygiene by auto repair workers to protect themselves from harmful effects of automobile workshop environment.


Keywords: Benin City, Metals, exposed workers, serum