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Discrimination, Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect [DEAN] of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria (Published)

Disability is a global concern, predisposes the sufferers to several challenges including discrimination, exploitation, abuse and neglect both at home and in the street. The conditions of being disabled could arise from birth or during one’s lifetime and the sufferers find themselves incapacitated either mentally or physically which then limits their chances of accessing various opportunities in society. The paper argued that persons with disabilities [PWDs] are poorly treated by family members through physical and sexual abuse, exploitation of inheritance, rights infringement and or resources gathered from alms begging where used for such. The exploitation and abuse were made possible due to the heavy reliance of the PWDs on the family members to carry out certain tasks and for being perceived as a burden to the family. Also, the paper argued that PWDs are faced with a lot of discrimination in schools by their peers and tutors and are often neglected in terms provision of assistive devices, materials and adequate training for tutors to successfully transfer knowledge to them.  The paper concluded that the treatment of the PWDs was poor, unfair and unjust and requires government intervention, NGOs and individuals’ positive attitudinal change to alleviate their suffering experiences.


Keywords: Abuse, Discrimination, Exploitation, Persons With Disabilities, Treatment., neglect

Communities – Company Relation in Limestone Mining Region of Southwest Nigeria: The Ewekoro Socio-Economic View (Published)

A study to assess the socio-economic impacts of limestone quarrying and processing operations at Ewekoro, South-Western Nigeria has been carried out. Data were collected through the use of well structured pre-tested questionnaires and oral interview in order to assess the socio economic impact of quarrying and processing of limestone on the inhabitants of the community and the workers. The finding shows that limestone exploitation has both positive and negative effects on the host community and the workers. It also shows that the benefits derived by the host community like employment, good roads, schools and hospitals are insignificant when compared with the negative effects of the exploitation on the community which includes reduction in crop production, negligence of education by students, overcrowding and high competition for little-available social amenities. Besides, the socio-economic inputs of the company are not well felt by the communities due to politicizing of the executions. Appropriate recommendations were made to ameliorate these negative socio-economic effects.

Keywords: Community, Exploitation, Impacts, Limestone, Socio-Economic

Analysis of Labour Productivity and Constraints of Rubber Latex Exploitation among Smallholder Rubber Farmers in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria (Published)

The objective of the study was conducted to analyze labour productivity and constraints of small holder rubber farmers in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Primary data were collected from 300 rubber farmer using purposive and random sampling techniques. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Likert scale and labour productivity model. Result of the analysis revealed that wage tapping and share arrangement accounted for 43.33 percent and 36.33 percent respectively. Labour productivity analysis revealed a yield of 826,434.31 kg dry rubber per year and gross income of N81, 949,226.18 per year while the output per man day was 22.58 kg. Wage / man day was N377.78, while an average plantation owner reaps N1,860.56 after adjustments were made to wages and other costs of operation. The major constraints of rubber farmers included shortage and high cost of labour ranked the first major problem, inadequate credit as the second most important and significant constraint of rubber farmers while poor rubber prices and storage facilities problem were the third and the fourth most important significant problems faced by respondents. The study however recommended that rubber farmers should form cooperative societies and associations to enable them access production credit from commercial and Nigerian Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Development Bank (NACRDB) for rubber production.

Keywords: Constraints, Exploitation, Likert scale, Niger-Delta, Productivity, Smallholder, latex