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Human Right Issues and Women’s Experiences on Demanding Their Rights in Their Communities: The Way Forward for Nigeria (Published)

The renaissance humanism era of the early modern period ushered in the belief that everyone, by virtue of his or her humanity is entitled to certain human rights. These rights therefore accrue to people by virtue of their humanity and some of these rights are so fundamental that violation of any of them attracts an action of enforcement by the aggrieved person. These rights are enshrined in Chapter IV of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The extent of the protection of these rights for some members of the Nigerian population especially women, remains uncertain, doubtful and a seeming mirage because its protective powers have been thwarted by long standing discriminatory and cultural norms and practices in relation to women. This paper will look at the violations and the precarious position of women in rights issues. It will also x-ray some experiences of women in quest of these rights in their communities. The paper will also proffer recommendations as a way forward.

Keywords: Experiences on Demand, Human Rights, Women