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Experiences of child sexual abuse in homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual people (Published)

The objective of this research was to describe the experience of child sexual abuse in men and women and the construction of their sexual orientation. The study was qualitative with exploratory scop. The sample was selective, consisting of 6 people, a heterosexual man and a woman; a homosexual man and woman and a bisexual woman and man. A semi-structured interview was included, the following aspects of analysis: experiences before, during and after child sexual abuse; discovery of sexual orientation / preference sexual, sexual fantasies, relationship with parents, and couples. The Atlas ti software in version 7 was used for the analysis. A free coding was carried out, to later make an axial coding in which general categories were obtained that encompass several codes at the same time and that allowed us to create a network of experiences and meanings regarding the aspects of analysis. After sexual abuse, the subjects are afraid, confused and isolated. The subjects describe the insecurity of having sexual intercourse that is attributed to previous experience of sexual abuse. People who have become homosexual and bisexual mention that sexual abuse may have influenced their orientation and they mention it. One of the subjects described as homosexual is mentioned as the cost of work the expression of their sexual orientation and the rape of a man caused fear to men. Five of the six subjects’ feelings of pleasure to have been abused and at the same time present the emotions of fear, disgust and anger, which caused confusion.

Keywords: Child Sexual Abuse, Relationship, Sexual Orientation, Sexuality, experience of abuse