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Existence of Women’s Emancipation at Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa), Indonesia (Published)

Patriarchy becomes a prison for a woman to be active in participating in many public activities. Women are strongly limited in the domestic area only. In order to lose from the value bond, women need have the power to build their position up. Having good position not only the product of social changing but also creates a chance to transforming the old ideology to be the new one which gives women. Women need to move from the patriarchy gender prison consciously. This is the beginning point to create egalitarian social relation. Emancipation means a movement to create freedom of somebody especially from injustice legal, political, or social restrictions. So the emancipation of women means to set they free from any kind of bondage, included in traditional values that keep them to participate in some productive activities. Women in Asia and Africa are politically exploited, socially oppressed, and neglected. Even they do not understand that they have hegemony by certain values. In the rest of the world, women are also not in a very favorable position but they are making their mark equally with time. That’s why their position is being strengthened in those particular portions of the world. But if this strengthening of the women is spread all over the world then women will find their place very strong in this planet. And the need for their emancipation arises from this social environment. In Unesa, women have worked very hard to reach their recent status, not only in education but also in getting the high structural position in managing the university. Some of the women have reached some excellent positions such as vice rector and dean. This will start building egalitarian life order.

Keywords: Existence; women’s emancipation; gender; egalitarian