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The Application of Excel in Financial Statement Analysis — Constructing DuPont Analysis System Model (Published)

Financial statements are an important part of corporate financial management. Through analysis of corporate financial statements, management can timely identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company and make appropriate financial adjustments in a timely manner. Excel is a powerful tabular analysis tool that sorts, filters, and aggregates large amounts of data, simultaneously. Taking the financial statements of By-Health Co., Ltd as an example, this paper constructs DuPont analysis system through Excel to analyze financial statements and explore the application of Excel in financial statements.

Keywords: DuPont Analysis System, Excel, Financial Statement Analysis

The Application of Excel in the Analysis of Financial Statements (Published)

The intuitive interface, powerful data processing function and simple operation skills of Excel, it can meet the different requirements of financial staff on the data from each link of financial management, help enterprise financial managers to convert large amounts of data into data that is easy to analyze and evaluate. This paper takes the financial statements of Cha Cha Food CO., Ltd. from 2012 to 2016 as an example to describe the specific application of Excel in the analysis of financial statements.

Keywords: Excel, Financial Data Analysis, Financial Statements