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A Study on Aristotle’s Rhetoric Applied to Industrial Communication (Published)

Mastering Industrial communication is of paramount importance to all professionals who are active in current industries. I strongly believe that engineers’ job is not a single man’s show. Professionals from various fields work together for a common goal at industries. The effective process of communication is pivot to effective management. When more than two individuals work on one task, definitely they need a common understanding and is possible only with appropriate communication. But mere words spilled out of lips may not be effective in current industries as they are involved with so many complexities in functioning. ARISTOTLE’S THEORIES OF RHETORIC, can be applied to the industrial communication to improve the skill of speaking and writing of the personnel at industries. With the help of Aristotle’s three persuasive appeals of Rhetoric i.e. Logos, Ethos and Pathos the industrial communication can be made more effective and with right combination of these three appeals a speech can be intensified and made more powerful than a missile. In this paper I would like to throw some light on the effectiveness of the three appeals of Rhetoric to improve the art of using language that can leave a positive impact on the employees at Industries. Aristotle’s Rhetorical appeals are profoundly influential in making the individuals realize the facts of TRUTH at work in the areas of Motivation& Training, and Problem Analysis etc.

Keywords: Ethos, Logos, Pathos, rhetoric