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Ethical responsibilities and the performance of manufacturing firms in Nigeria (Published)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a public relations concept geared towards actualizing the objective of maintaining favorable environment for the community within which the organization exists and from where it derives its sustenance. The sphere of responsibilities by corporate bodies cut across economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic dimensions. This study focused on ethical responsibilities and the performance of manufacturing firms in Nigeria using Lafarge Cement Company as case study. The major objective of the research was to examine how ethical considerations are adhered to in the operations of manufacturing firms. The research also aimed to ascertain the resultant effect of corporate expenditure in creating a conducive and friendly business environment. The study used ex-post facto research design to obtain secondary data from the financial report of the company. Multiple regression analyses were used to find the relationship between variables and their significance. The findings revealed that waste management cost does not significantly affect financial performance of the company. The result of the study showed that CSR affects the financial performance when viewed holistically. However, the chosen variables show no significant effect.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, ethical responsibility. Performance, manufacturing firm