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Sustainability Marketing and Ethical Consumption Behaviour: the Moderating Effects of Price Sensitivity among Beverage Consumers in Nigeria (Published)

The study aim was to investigate the moderation effect of price sensitivity on the relationship between equity; health; economic structure; consumption and production pattern; atmosphere; biodiversity and ethical consumption behavior. Descriptive research design was adopted. Twelve hypotheses were tested using data collected from 425 residences in Nigeria. A quota sampling technique was adopted for full coverage. Content and face validity of the scale was provided by expert opinion and discriminant validity tested. Factor analysis measured the reliability and structure equations modeling (SEM) was applied to test the hypothesized relationships and interaction of the variables with the aid of Stata 15 SEM software.  Findings show that, equity, health, economic structure, consumption and production pattern, and biodiversity have significant relationship with ethical consumption behavior while atmosphere has no significant relationship with ethical consumption behavior. Price sensitivity do not have moderation effect on the relationship between equity, health, economic structure, atmosphere, and biodiversity and ethical consumption behavior but has moderation effect on the relationship between consumption and production pattern and ethical consumption behavior.  We recommend that; companies should produce and package beverages with sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as paper-based container.


Keywords: Marketing, Sustainability, ethical consumption, price sensitivity