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Determine and Estimate the Numerical Aptitude of Delta State Senior Secondary School Students (Published)

In order to determine and estimate the numerical aptitude of Delta State Senior Secondary School Students, the researcher developed a Numerical Aptitude Test (NAT). The design of the study was instrumentation research design based on the Classical Test Theory. From a population of 4,379 senior Secondary School Students in Delta State, 576 students were drawn from Senior Secondary School I & II as sample for the study. Three research question were proposed and answered. Three hypothesis were formulated and tested at 0.05 alpha levels. Data were analyzed using Kuder-Richardson formula 20, descriptive statistics and t-test. The findings showed reliability coefficient of 0.66. The result also showed that NAT items are valid and did not differentiate between genders. Based on the findings from this work, the researcher made the following recommendations: the Ministry of Education Delta State   should use the developed NAT as a tool for selecting students, also school administrators should use the developed test to get valid, reliable and usable relevant information about Senior School Student’s numerical aptitude for administrative functions.

Keywords: Delta State, Estimate, Secondary School, Students, determine, numerical aptitude


The “mode” has been proposed as an appropriate statistic to improve estimate especially in situations when data distributions are skewed or contain outliers such as activity duration in project scheduling. Since the underlying distribution of activity duration may be unknown and different modes can be obtained using different bin sizes of the histogram method, this paper,investigates the effect of varying  histogram bin width and data distribution on the behaviour of the mode. Random numbers were generated from five distributions commonly used to model project activity duration at five different levels and varying sample sizes. Each set of sample is then binned using varying histogram bin width, Sturges’rule and Scott’s rule.  The grand mode for all levels per classification is recorded and analyzed. It was found that bin width does not significantly affect the behaviour of the mode but the value of the mode is significantly dependent on the data distribution and sample size.

Keywords: : Statistical mode, Bin size, Estimate, Statistical distribution, Uncertainty