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Analysis and Assessment of Lexical Errors Committed by Saudi EFL University Students in Descriptive Essay Writing (A Case Study of College of Science & Arts- Tanumah, King Khalid University) (Published)

This study aims at investigating the lexical errors and their effects on the written performance of Saudi EFL university students of College of Science & Arts, Tanumah at   King Khalid University in the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020. Moreover, the study aims at identifying and analyzing the lexical errors, determining the causes of these errors, and suggesting suitable solutions to these errors. The population of this study covers both all English language teaching staff and third level EFL university students   in the above-mentioned college. The analytical descriptive approach is adopted to handle out this study. The study employs an error classification of six categories of lexical errors including errors of word choice, errors of literal translation, errors of paraphrasing, errors of distortions and errors of word formation .Testing and unstructured interview are used as tools for collecting data. The findings of the study indicate that the students commit lexical errors in their essay writing due to some factors such as interference of mother tongue and inadequate vocabulary knowledge and other factors. The study recommends, for example, that EFL university instructors should encourage students  to increase their stock of vocabulary by providing them with reading materials on different topics and through exposure to words in contexts, and not only concentrate on introducing new words with their meaning in isolation. They are also recommended to give immediate feedback to students about the words usage during classroom activities.

Keywords: EFL university students, Error Analysis, Essay Writing, Lexical errors

Developing EFL Learners’ Narrative Writing Through Using Short Stories- The Case of Al-Baha Universiy Students (Published)

The current study is intended to help enhance Saudi university students to develop writing narrative essays and promote story telling skills. The study attempts to explore the correlation between teaching short stories and improvement of the students’ narrative writing. The objective of this paper is to relate teaching short stories and its efficiency in improving EFL Learners’ narrative essay writing. Two selected short stories were used in this study as supporting material. 60 students have participated 30 students in the experimental group and 30 in the control group by adopting test retest method. Pre-test is used as a diagnostic test and post-test after student being taught the selected material. The researcher used SPSS to analyze the collected data. The analysis of the tests’ result shows that students have developed their narrative writing techniques. This indicates that using short stories in the EFL class room positively contributes to the progress of the students’ narrative writing

Keywords: Essay Writing, Narrative Writing, Short Stories, Storytelling, Teaching Literature