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Students’ Errors and Misconceptions in Algebra: Exploring the Impact of Remedy Using Diagnostic Conflict and Conventional Teaching Approaches (Published)

This study explored the impact of ‘Diagnostic Conflict Teaching’ and ‘Conventional Teaching’ approaches on the remediation of algebraic errors and misconceptions among second year high school students in the Cape Coast Metropolis of Ghana. A validated algebra diagnostic test covering the fundamental algebra concepts was adopted, adapted, piloted and used to collect data from 114 participants. A quasi-experimental design with a non-equivalent (pre-test, post-test) control-group was employed. Descriptive statistics, bar charts, dependent and independent t-tests were used to analyse students’ pre-test and post-test scores. Though findings of the study showed significant impact with both teaching methods, the Diagnostic Conflict Teaching approach was more effective in addressing students’ algebraic errors and misconceptions than the Conventional approach. Recommendations made underscore the need for curriculum and educational programmes to provide classroom or teaching experiences that have the potential of helping pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers to improve on their knowledge for teaching algebra as well as their pedagogical content knowledge, to better equip them to address students’ misconceptions and errors effectively.

Keywords: Algebra, Conventional Teaching., Diagnostic Conflict Teaching, Errors and Misconceptions