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Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and Financial Performance of Saudi Arabia Listed Companies: Multivariate Data Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) (Published)

Purpose – The purpose of this research is to examine the link between the acceptance of enterprise resource planning systems in Saudi Arabia, and the ways in which this can lead to long term acceptance of system. This research examines the issues of ERP acceptance, and the perceived benefits and ease of use, which a user has to deal with. Design/methodology/approach the research suggests the use of quantitative data, through the data analysis using multivariate data analysis. This approach uses structural equation modeling, which can lead to long-term change in the output of the data, and the link between the major hypotheses, which have been suggested. This ensures that the data collection can be undertaken. Findings – A number of findings from this research have been derived. It appears that the acceptance and use of ERP systems is central to the success of information systems today. However, the ease of use needs to be accentuated through training and support of users, which can be facilitated through top-level support for new systems. In order to reduce resistance, organizations need to take a proactive approach in implementing systems, and facilitate user participation, which can ensure that financial performance of systems can be improved.

Keywords: ERP, ERP Acceptance, ERP Perceived Ease of Use, ERP Perceived Usefulness, Financial Performance, PLS

Factors of Change Management and Perceived Ease of Use Affecting ERP Acceptance and Financial Performance of Saudi Arabia Listed Companies (Published)

This study investigates the effects of ERP change management and ERP perceived ease of use on ERP systems acceptance and its impact on the financial performance of Saudi listed companies. The survey method has used in order to collect the primary data and survey was conducted with the employees who are working in the Saudi companies and using the ERP systems in order to manage their day-to-day activities. The findings of this research shows that change management activities within the organization can be helpful in increasing ERP acceptance within the firm. The research findings reflect that effective change management activities can be helpful in increasing the acceptance of the ERP systems within the firm.

Keywords: ERP Acceptance, Financial Performance, PLS