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Equilibrium Effect Modelling Of Contact and Seepage Forces on the Failure of Water Borehole (Published)

Continuum and discontinuum problems were considered in the solid-liquid medium under study. The necessitated the use of combined finite-discrete element method to generate model expressions from contact force and seepage force considered to be the major forces contributing to the flow of fluid through soil mass and boiling or quicksand effect when seepage force becomes more in effect under critical hydraulic gradient and / or critical hydraulic head. The equilibrium model has deduced an expression for the safe hydraulic head during well pumping as =  and this has been verified using a laboratory check; prototype well failure test. It has been established that there is strong agreement between model result and the laboratory check at 1.8m flow distance and the correlation analysis carried out has also shown a perfect correlation of 0.989879999701. Note, a perfect correlation lies between -1 (perfect negative) and 1 (perfect positive) (Agunwamba, 2007; Inyama and Iheagwam, 1995).For safe pumping and corresponding yield in the borehole system, inter-granular force between granular particles should equal the seepage force and this is achieved by ensuring that the deduced model expression is used to determine the safe hydraulic head. For the system under study, the safe hydraulic head must be maintained. Finally, as long as the model hydraulic head expression deduced is used under the above conditions, safe pumping can be achieved at any voltage between 150volts and 240volts.

Keywords: Borehole, Contact Force, Equilibrium, Modelling, Seepage Force

Sensitivity Analysis of Lassa fever Model (Published)

A Mathematical Model was developed for the spread and control of Lassa Lever. Existence and stability were analysed for disease free equilibrium. Key to our analysis is the basic reproductive number which is an important threshold for disease control. Reasonable sets of values for the parameter in the model were compiled, and sensitivity analysis indices of around the baseline parameter value were computed, which shows that the most sensitive parameter to is human birth rate , followed by condom efficacy and compliance. Further, the numerical computation of gave a value of 0.129, finally, numerical simulations were obtained that illustrates the effects of the control parameters on the various compartments of the model.

Keywords: Endemic, Equilibrium, Lassa fever, Stability, sensitivity, spectral radius

Job Stress among School Administrators and Teachers in Nigerian Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges (Published)

The paper examines stress, job or vocational and workplace stress. It views stress as the responses the body makes while striving to maintain equilibrium and deal with the demands of life. It is a psycho-physiological process which results from the interaction of the individual with the environment and results in disturbances caused to the physiological, psychological and social systems. Job or occupational stress refers to the mental and physical condition which affects an individual’s productivity at the workplace, as well as his effectiveness, personal health and quality of work. Role ambiguity, poor relations with boss, work overload, thwarted ambition and job insecurity as workplace sources of stress have been identified. Where teachers and school heads are under stress, there will be poor teaching quality, low students’ satisfaction and low turnover on the overall performance. The paper holds that teachers’ lives are often gravely affected by stress which leads to physical ill-health such as headache, stomach upset, aches and pains. Severe and unchecked stress leads to severe ill conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. In critical cases, stress can lead to death. The paper identifies wrong ways to deal with stress to include smoking, using pills or drugs to relax, too much drinking of alcohol and other intoxicating drinks, filling up every minute of the day with activities in order to avoid problems, oversleeping, and transferring one’s stressful condition on others. Appropriate strategies to deal with stress, especially for teachers and school heads include regular medical checkups, exercises like jogging, bicycling and muscle relaxation. In addition, proper time management, having a positive outlook on life and bothering less about things one has control over go a long way in assisting teachers and school heads to deal with stress.

Keywords: Equilibrium, Examines Stress, Job Stress, Management, Workplace Stress

On the use of Markov Analysis in Marketing of Telecommunication Product in Nigeria (Published)

This paper examined the application of Markov Chain in marketing three competitive networks that provides the same services. Markov analysis has been used in the last few years mainly as marketing, examining and predicting the behaviour of customers in terms of their brand loyalty and their switching from one brand to another. The three networks are Airtel, MTN and Globacom are used as a case study. With the application problem, we examine and answer the question on the proportion of the subscribers that each network have at the end of each month when we assumed the same pattern of gains and losses. We observed that, Airtel has the largest proportion of retaining their subscriber followed by MTN and Globacom in that order. Finally, mean recurrence for each network were also determined.

Keywords: Equilibrium, Markov- Property, Markov-Chain, Networks and Subscribers, Transition Probability