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Ontological & Epistemological Philosophies Underlying Theory Building: A Scholarly Dilemma or Axiomatic Illumination- The Business Research Perspective (Published)

The objective of this theoretical excursion was to articulate useful contributions to advance knowledge on the issue of whether or not ontology and epistemology as basis for theory building in business research is a scholarly dilemma or an axiom that requires elucidation. In view of this, the paper revealed background understanding of research. Also, scholar’s views were reviewed to underpin ontological and epistemological philosophy as underlying theory building. After espousing its theoretical implication the paper concludes that ontology and epistemology are axioms that complement each other to bring better understanding to the true essence of business research and not necessarily a scholarly dilemma.

Keywords: Epistemology, Ontology, Positivism Constructivism

The Metaphysical and Epistemological Relevance of Ifa Corpus (Published)

The focus of this paper is not to ascertain the reality of Ifa among the Yoruba, but to examine the philosophical relevance of Ifa corpus from epistemological and metaphysical points of view. The paper employs a critical and analytical methods to expose various philosophical issues in Ifa corpus. The paper argues that the metaphysical and epistemological relevance of Ifa corpus is enormous and the effect is fundamental in showing that true knowledge can be acquired through the empirical and transcendental means. The ability of Ifa corpus in this regard underscore the traditional claim of existence of basic relationship between epistemology and metaphysics.

Keywords: Epistemology, Ifa corpus, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Yoruba tradition

Aesthetic education requirements and its components in the educational system (Review Completed - Accepted)

The purpose of this study is to determine the need and components of aesthetic cognitive education and formed based on the contemporary global challenge of education in the ethical education, the balanced personality development of students and regardlessness to diverse learning opportunities.

Aesthetic congnitive education is a new approach toward the art and beaty in the educational platform; and some challenges present in the eduacational value-based system are what makes necessary this approach.

In this study which has been done based on the attributive-analitical method after presenting the concept and requirements of aesthetic education , the components of this approach have been presented in a systematic method as Objectives, principles and pedagogical methods.

These objectives were proprosed in the three eemotional, cognitive, cultural and social parts and this structure by a principal presentation such as the self-motivation principle , strategic thought principle ، the balance of ntellect and feelings principle, promoting the aesthetic literacy principle, creativity and deduction leades to the methods based on the vertical and horizontal development of experiences and developing and the use of senses and promoting the imagination and creativity.This method causes the education in the intrapersonal , interpersoanl and value-based areas some positive changes to be generated


Keywords: Aesthetic Education, Axiology, Education, Epistemology