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Field Trip and Students’ Performance in Environmental Studies: The Case of Noun Bayelsa Study Centre, Yenagoa (Published)

Field trip is undertaken within most earth sciences and professions. More than a set of skills, environmental research is a way of thinking and examining critically the various aspects of our physical environment. It is a habit of questioning about what you do in your environment, and empirical examination to find answers to environmental problems, with a view to instituting appropriate changes for a more environmental friendly habitat. This study is therefore aimed at x-raying the imperatives of Field Trip in Students studying various aspects in Environmental Sciences. The study adopted reconnaissance survey, observation, assessment of field trip report and interview methods. It specifically examines works of students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Yenagoa study center. The findings of the study among other issues discovered that students who undergo field trip during their course of studies acquire more knowledge and better equipped in their chosen discipline. Useful recommendations were made to guide students on further field trips so as to enrich their knowledge on Environmental issues.

Keywords: Environmental Studies, Field Trip, NOUN, Performance