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Envıronmental Problems as Threat to Sustaınable Urban Development in Kano Metropolıs- A Revıew (Published)

Environmental issues are the most critical scenerio in both developed and developing countries. It manifest positive and negative attributes.urban centres are the melting pot of social, economic and political issues. The research was able to identified some key environmental issues which posee great threat to sustainable urban development in Kano metropolitant. These are housing and traffic congestion, environmental pollution, problem of planning and development, Problem of Water Supply and  Sanitation, poor waste disposal and drainage system among others. There are needs for effective policy, law, rules and regulation that will checked all environmental problems aforementioned and ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the laws, whenever there is breach of  law of any sort urgent action needs to be taking and culprits must be dealt accordingly. The government, non-governmental organization, community and individual must put hand on deck to ensure effective and sustainable urban development in all aspects.

Keywords: environmental problems, kano metropolis, sustainable urban development