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The Challenges OF GSCM Practices in Turkish Mining Industry: A Review and Research Direction (Published)

The concept of green issues has been around for couple of decades. Recently, it became more and more relevant and spread worldwide. As a result, Institutional and non-institutional pressure has risen on almost all industries, especially mining industries. In this context, the purpose of this paper is, firstly, to review the recent literature of Turkish GSCM practices (adoption and implementation of GSCM) and find out its challenges, basically in mining industry in Turkey and, secondly, to determine the research direction for evaluating and improving green mining implementations. A detailed literature review is done and sorted out according to findings and variables and the research direction is determined. It shows that the concept of GSCM and green mining entered to Turkey’s border very recently and the damages caused by mining activities to the ecological environment are being ignored due to inadequate mining law, lack of knowledge and financial problems have got the attention of Turkish authors.

Keywords: GSCM, Green Mining, environmental management.

Perusing Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Social Standards in UK Based Firms (Published)

As a consequence of the changing conditions of doing business, the number of industrial and company-specific codes of conduct, as well as social and environmental standards is increasing rapidly. The decision to adopt such standards and to develop effective implementation strategies has engrossed managers at all levels and in all types of organisations in recent years. Some organisations have claimed that compliance issues have been determining their bottom-line and business performance in the market place. This conceptual paper addresses the challenge of how sustainable development can be achieved, suggesting that social and environmental standards has a part to play within the paradigm of sustainable development. Three specific internationally established standards are discussed: Environmental Management system (EMS), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and Fair Trade. These institutionalized approaches are described and then contrasted in relation to a number of different factors. The paper concludes that the implementation of social standards principles in UK can contribute to the development of long-term sustainable development goals.

Keywords: Standards, Sustainable Development, environmental management.


This paper examines the issue of climate change and its impact on the environment. The effects of man’s activities as well as those of natural phenomena on global warming, climate change and the environment are presented and discussed. The options that are available as response to global warming: mitigation, adaptation and possible human suffering as consequences of what cannot be avoided by mitigation and adaptation are presented. An overview of the Nigerian environment, preparedness for the impact of global warming and related problems are also presented. The status of environmental data and the need for environmental baseline survey and the creation of a comprehensive database for the country driven by geographical information system are presented and discussed. The paper then underscores the need for governments at all levels to adequately fund geo information production and cultivate the culture of its usage for adequate and proactive response to global warming, sustainable environmental management and national development.

Keywords: Adaptation, Climate Change, Mitigation, environmental management., global warming