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Effect of Fuel Mixture on Cement Production: A Case Study of Bua Plant. Cement Production Optimization with Change in Specific Surface Area (0.35cm2/G and 0.38cm2/G). Using Particle Swarm Optimization Model (Published)

Ordinary Portland cement industries have been using co-processing from industrial waste. These paper present opportunities of using both Conventional fuel and Agricultural waste for cement production optimization an in-depth analysis on effect of using conventional fuel (mineral coal, pet-coke, Heavy oil and Natural gas) and Agricultural waste (sugar waste and ground nut shell). This mixture is intended for use in a rotary kiln of clinker production, dry process. The optimization model used was Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). The change in the specific surface area(S) from 0.35cm2/g to 0.38cm2/g of the final product (cement), this  resulted into slight increased the energy consumption, more retention time, reduction in production output, increased wear rate on mill liners

Keywords: Cement Quality, Environmental Effect., Fuel mixture