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Influence of Climate Change on Building Design in Enugu South L.G.A of Nigeria (Published)

The effects of climate change on building design is a worrisome issue. Flooding, wind storm among others drastically affect buildings in the study area. This sometimes leads to building failures and in extreme cases, complete collapse. This research employed the use questionnaire and also sourced climate data from NIMET. The data collected were analyzed using percentages, Principle component analysis and regression analysis. The research found out that the respondents are knowledgeable about climate change and agree that it affects building designs, therefore must be factored into the design for proper ventilation and illumination as well as increased resilience and durability of the buildings in the study area. The likert table with a cluster means value of 4.01 > 3.0 and associated standard deviation of 0.65 indicates that the respondents perceived climate changes as contributing to changes in building designs. Bu ilding Designs in Enugu metropolis have changed over time. Component II recorded an eigen value of 1.486 and an additional variance of 16.512% bringing the cumulative explanation of respondents perception of climate influence on building designs to 88.183%. The research concluded that there are stages in the design of buildings whereby climate parameters are considered and that affects important decisions regarding the supposed building. The research recommends the need for building professionals to obtain basic climatic data from meteorological stations nearer to their proposed site and analyze such data for proper design of buildings.


Keywords: Building Design, Climate Change, Enugu south L.G.A, Nigeria