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Signal performance optimization in the local area network trafic management in the DRC : Models for transmission networks (Published)

The high availability of computer networks is a prerequisite in large companies and service providers. Thus, computer network administrators are called upon to face the various growing challenges related to unscheduled downtime of services; lack of expertise; lack of tools; the complexity of technologies; market consolidation and competition to provide better quality services. It should be remembered that the organization of the networks of telecommunication aims at giving control of the phenomena which occur there, during the treatment of the communications, and more generally of the services which they offer. These phenomena are governed by the randomness of the appearance of the requests, and are studied independently of the choices of technology implemented. They are amenable to the formalism of the calculation of probabilities, and give birth to the notion of traffic, which will play a central role in their apprehension, given that they condition for a large part the effective structure of modern networks. This research specifically examines the problems of optimization of signal performance in traffic management of local area networks of companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by presenting the different elements of network traffic theory and quality. Thus demonstrating their impact on the architectures of networks and computer systems, and at the same time introducing the major problems faced by IT network administrators on a daily basis; The main objective of this research is to evaluate the development performance of computer and telecommunications networks according to their applications in the areas of network design, equipment dimensioning, and characterization and quality measurement. Service, and network planning techniques.

Citation: RaphaeL Grevisse Yende ; Sr Tshiela Marie-Alice Nkuna ; Kazadi Pamphile Mulumba ; Ntumba Freddy Katayi ; Kaseka Viviane Katadi ; Musubao Patient Swambi ; Muamba Bernard. Tshiasuma (2022) Signal performance optimization in the local area network trafic management in the DRC : Models for transmission networks. European Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, Vol.10, No.5, pp.1-23

Keywords: Administration, Entreprise, Modèle, Optimisation, Performance, QOS, RDC., Réseau local, Signal, Trafic, Transmission, Téléinformatique