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Assessment of factors which contribute to the success of community development projects in alleviating poverty supported by a Micro-finance organisation (Published)

Rural communities in a small African country continue to live in abject poverty with essential services such as clean water, electricity, health and education facilities not readily accessible. Infrastructure development has also been a challenge for rural populations. Unemployment rates are high, especially amongst tertiary education graduates. The study employed the quantitative research method to analyse the data to determine how communities have been provided with financial assistance from a micro-finance unit. Participants were identified by their entrepreneurial activities within their communities and how utilisation of the training under the micro-finance unit (MFU) programme improved their lives. The findings show that even though the programme achieved positive outcomes, not all the people benefited. The organisation has not had a significant impact on the general populace because most rural communities are still impoverished. However, in some places, the socioeconomic status of the residents have improved.


Keywords: entrepreneurship; micro-finance; rural communities