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Entrepreneurship Development and Unemployment Reduction in Nigeria (Published)

This study investigates the relationship between Entrepreneurship Development and employment reduction in Anambra State, Nigeria. The research focused on youths of five selected Local Government Council of Anambra state, Nigeria. Data were collected using questionnaire from an infinite population of the selected Local Government Council. Samples of 30 youths were drawn from the population of each Local Government through a convenience sampling technique. A total of 150 youths were sample for the study. However, four hypotheses were tested; the first, second and third hypotheses were designed to investigate the relationship between Entrepreneurship training and unemployment reduction; the relationship between Entrepreneurship traits and unemployment reduction; and the relationship between Entrepreneurship empowerment and unemployment reduction respectively. The fourth hypothesis was on the examination of entrepreneurship challenges affecting unemployment reduction. The test conducted shows that the variables in Ho1, Ho2 and Ho3 were significantly and positively related and Ho4 was also significant. The study recommended that Government should strive to reduce the cost of doing business in Nigeria. Unemployed youths in Anambra State should also be strengthened to embrace entrepreneurship devoid the imitation and vocational inclinations.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Development, Entrepreneurship Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Training, Entrepreneurship Traits, Unemployment