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Exploring Self-Organized Startup Business as a Complex System Operating Synergistically for Competitive Edge (Published)

People are motivated by one thing or the other to start a business. Globally, entrepreneurship has become the primary trend which is necessary to build-up a developed economy. There is a consistent relationship between economic prosperity and entrepreneurial activities which have been confirmed by numerous studies from different theories perspectives at a universal level. Drawing on grounded theory, the study attempts to discuss the eminent problem of the inability of entrepreneurs to set up their business correctly and form synergies and integration in the organizational system for added value and a competitive edge. Raw data for self-organized startups were collected from self-organized entrepreneurs. The research question was answered with in-depth interviewing. NVIVO software was the analytical tool used for analyzing the findings. The findings for the qualitative research showed three major groupings that emerged from the coding of the interviews; these are Synergies, Integration and specialization

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Competitive edge; Complex system; Self-organized startups