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Impact of financial, social and human capital on entrepreneurial success (Published)

This paper analyzes the impact of financial, social and human capital on entrepreneurial success by examining initial investment in business, access to finance, network ties, trust in network, shared vision, education and experience as the predictors. The necessary data were collected using structured questionnaire on a sample of 118 Nepalese renewable energy enterprises having 264 respondents and analyzed through correlation and multiple regression analysis using IBM SPSS statistics 20. The study shows that the strong role played by access to finance, network ties, trust in network, education and experience while a weak role played by initial investment in business and shared vision in determining entrepreneurial success. This study is considered to be useful for biogas companies, solar companies and micro-hydro construction companies to grow their own business by focusing on the main factors affecting entrepreneurial success. The study can be further extended by incorporating other sectors of renewable energy such as, improved cooking stove, wind technology, and biomass sectors to get greater insight into the results.

Keywords: : Human Capital, Entrepreneurial success, Financial Capital, Social Capital

Enhancing Effective Financial Planning Through a Robust Capacity Building Techniques for Entrepreneurial Growth in Nigeria (Published)

The study sets out to examine the extent to which capacity building creates awareness to the entrepreneurs in planning their business finance. It has been established that if the entrepreneurs are educational astute, they will take advantages of windows opening for them to tap. Expost-facto research design was applied in determining the population. The sample was obtained with the application of Taro Yamani principle. Ordinary least square technique was used in analyzing the data. Findings revealed that entrepreneurs are easily able to arrange their business finances when they acquire awareness through various techniques. It was concluded that a robust capacity building technique is sine-qua-non to entrepreneurial success in financial planning. It was recommended that the government and the private sector organizations should incorporate adequate skill training programmes for the benefit of small and medium scale business operators and that they in turn should develop passion to learn and apply the skills acquired to improve the ability in financial planning.

Keywords: Capacity building, Entrepreneurial success, Financial planning, Growth