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Influence of Guidance and Counselling On Development of Entrepreneurial Skills among Technical College Students in Rivers State (Published)

The study investigated the Influence of information dissemination and personal-social adjustment on the development of entrepreneurial skills among technical college students in Rivers State. Two research questions guided the study. Survey research design was adopted in conducting the study. The total population for the study was 330 respondents which comprises of 88 Technical college teachers and 242 technical college students. A structured questionnaire based on four point scale was used as the data collection instrument. The questionnaire was validated by three experts from the Department of Industrial Technical Education, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumine Port Harcourt. Cronbach Alpha reliability method was used and a reliability coefficient of 0.912 value was obtained. The research questions were analyzed using mean and standard derivations to answer the research questions. Findings of the study revealed that information dissemination on business acumen will motivate technical college students’ interest toward development of entrepreneurial skills in Rivers State. Further-more counselling on personal-social adjustment will equip students for the development of entrepreneurial skills among technical college students in Rivers State.   It was recommended that; A well-articulated entrepreneurship education should offer more than self-employment that will contribute to national development. Also Entrepreneurship skills can be reactivated among students at all levels of education through intensive and articulated guidance and counselling services, thereby making them psychologically ready for business venture before leaving school.

Keywords: Career Guidance, Entrepreneurial skills and Technical College, Guidance and Counselling, Information Dissemination, Personal-Social Adjustment