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Alignment of Entrepreneurial Education within the Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum: Review of the Basic Education Curriculum Framework (Published)

Education plays a critical role in determining the level of entrepreneurial activities within an economy. Despite entrepreneurial education being offered at the tertiary level in many Kenyan universities, it does not result in the inculcation of an entrepreneurial culture among the young people as it is not taught at the primary and secondary levels of education. The Kenyan ministry of education is in the process of rolling out the competency based curriculum that focuses on key competencies. The study aimed to establish the extent to which entrepreneurial competencies are incorporated in the basic education curriculum framework. The study established that the curriculum incorporates the teaching of entrepreneurial competencies to learners; however, the instruction of entrepreneurial skills is subtle as it does not include the teaching of entrepreneurship as a subject area. This study recommends the explicit teaching of entrepreneurial education in the formative years of education.

Citation: Linda. N. Kimencu (2021) Alignment of Entrepreneurial Education within the Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum: Review of the Basic Education Curriculum Framework, European Journal of Training and Development Studies, Vol.8 No.2, pp.35-48


Keywords: competency based curriculum, entrepreneurial education, formative years

Enhancing Entrepreneurial Education Skills in Electrical Installation for Sustainable Economic Development (Published)

The Paper discussed the enhancement of entrepreneurial education skills in Electrical installation for sustainable economic development. School leavers from various institutions face skill opportunities of securing employment including those that studied electrical installation maintenance work. Entrepreneurial education was discussed as a suiting solution that would enable the graduates learn skills that would make them survive by establishing electrical installation related enterprises for sustainable economic development. Some factors that would promote entrepreneurship education include adequate provision of fund to establish entrepreneurial education system, revitalization of electricity supplies and expansion of educational facilities for entrepreneurial development. Entrepreneurial competences identified for sustainable economic development among Electrical Installation graduates include managerial, accounting, marketing and competitive skills. The paper also identified concrete reasons for entrepreneurial education to include provision of necessary skills, ability of students to transit from school to work among others. When entrepreneurial education is enhanced, sustainable economic development will be realized.


Keywords: Economic Development, Education, Electrical Installation, Skills, entrepreneurial education