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Rapid Identification of Enterobacter Spp. Islated from Hospitals in Basrah Province by Automated System (Vitek®2 Compact) (Published)

Atotal of 676 samples were taken from various hospitals in Basrah province. These included clinical specimens(urine , blood , stool ,nasal swabs,  throat swabs,ear swabs),Environmental swabs(beds,tables,ground)and milk powder of children.All isolates were subjected to the cultural,microscopical,biochemical examination and vitek2 compact  used for identification of bacteria.Atotal of 153 bacterial isolates were diagnosed as Enterobacter(67 isolates E.aerogenes,65 isolates E.cloacae complex,11 isolates E.cloacae subsp cloacae ,4 isolates E.cloacae subsp dissolvens,4 isolates E.sakazakii,1 isolate E.hormaechei and 1 isolate E.asburiae)

Keywords: Basrah Province, Enterobacter, Vitek®2 Compact