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Seeking the Past, Presence and the Future from Tracing the Time of the Three Great Chinese Ancestors, Yan, Huang and Chi: Weixin Shengjiao’s Religious Care, Enmity-Bond Release and Universal Peace (Published)

At the beginning of the Chinese People, Huangdi, Yandi, and Chiyou led three tribes respectively and fought against each other fiercely at Zhuolu. Yandi allied with Huangdi defeated Jiuli tribe. Ancestor Chiyou was slandered and his tribal descendants dispersed.  Under the reincarnation of birth and death, ignorant enmity causes endless wars in Chinese successive dynasties and generations. In Chinese culture, from the religious viewpoint, it is a significant issue to figure out how to release people’s resentment and enmity aroused by the tragedy which occurred five thousand years ago. Now, Weixin Shengjiao, a new religion developed in Taiwan, proposes the concept of “pacifying ancestral spirits” and “releasing the bonds of enmity”. This study applies the methods of documentary analysis, observation and interview, starting from examining Chinese ancient history to explore Chinese historical enmity, and conducts investigations and discussions in the timeline.

Keywords: Chiyou, Enmity-Bond Release, Huangdi, Weixin Shengjiao, Yandi