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Public Service Reforms and Effective Service Delivery in Nigeria (Published)

Governments all over the world, Nigeria inclusive desire ways to provide welfare services to the citizens with fewer resources, enhance transparency and accountability of public servants. The Nigerian Public Service has witnessed some reforms, including SERVICOM. This paper examines the extent the application of SERVICOM has improved the service delivery of the Nigerian Public Service. This is because it serves as the major machinery through which governmental policies are implemented.  This paper examines the ability of the Nigerian Public Service to effectively manage public affairs. The paper highlighted the critical importance of Public Service delivery to the citizens in a timely, honest and effective manner under civil rule. It is discovered that government reform adopted to improve service delivery has not changed the public service for the better as nation-wide service failure persists. It is recommended that training and retraining programmes should be mounted for public servants, the National Orientation Agency should be empowered to begin enlightenment programme for the Citizens, NGOs and CBOs should be encouraged for active participation in monitoring government agencies and ministries, while other machineries should be put in place for effective monitoring of service delivery to the citizens.

Keywords: Public Service, enlightenment; service delivery; accountability and transparency