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Problematic Areas of ELT at Secondary Level Schools in Bangladesh: Issues and Prospectus (Published)

Bangladesh is a South Asian over populated country. In spite of the growing opportunities of economic development offered by English language, Bangladesh as a nation seems to be unaware of the modes of operation of making English language education widely popular. Facts such as low level of learner motivation, inadequate level of public awareness and below average level of teacher competency act as effective factors, even though, currently English has gained an enviable social status in Bengali context. It plays an important role in the administration, mass communication, and the pursuit of knowledge. Further, it is popular in each and every walk of international relations. Drawn data from questionnaire survey among teachers and students, classroom observation and interview with teachers, interview and group interview with students, this paper sketches the areas of problems in teaching and learning English as a foreign language at secondary level schools in Bangladesh. An evaluation has been made for the assessment of the current status of teaching English language in this region and the problems faced by teachers and learners. The main objective of this study is to demonstrate the problematic areas of English language teaching learning at secondary level schools in Bangladesh. This paper attempts to go into some depth, exploring the reasons of the cultural distancing attitude of the common public towards English language and its use.

Keywords: English Language Teaching; Secondary School; Observation; Bangladesh