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The Homogeneous Relationship between Syntax and Semantics: Structure, And Meaning in Arrangement of English Language Sentences (Published)

The purpose of this study showed  pedagogical interest in homogeneous relationship of sentences, and  clauses because they provide opportunities for learners to know how deal with  relationship in the successfully  sentences while simultaneously developing the necessary strategies to perform  interactions  linguistically, and semantically in the target language. The main relationship between Syntax and  semantics in arrangement of English language sentences. Syntax is defined as the study of how words are placed within a sentence. It is used in the construction and arrangement of phrases, clauses and sentences while semantic is the study of meaning at mainly two different, basic levels: the word and the sentence.  Much of the interesting work in linguistics today concerns the interfaces between the traditional components of grammar. The mean of the Syntax and Semantics series is to publish exciting and innovative research involving the sub-systems of grammar that interface with syntax and semantics. This crucially includes the syntax-semantics interface itself, but also the systematic interplay of syntax, semantics, literary use, and pragmatics. The sequence will advance in fastidious research that brings forms of  explanatory evidence to bear on issues in theoretical syntax and semantics. This study tried to emphasize the harmonious relationship between syntax and semantic in arrangement of English language sentences.

Keywords: English Language Sentences, Homogeneous Relationship, Structure