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The Attitudes of Computer Science and Business Administration Students towards Esp Courses in Bisha University- Al Namas, Saudi Arabia (Published)

There is a growing importance for English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses in English for Foreign language (EFL) context in the Arab Region due to the rapid technological advancement and development of academics in various fields. Thus, there is an emerging need for ESP courses cater to the students’ needs and help them do well in their respective academic and professional fields. This study aimed at finding out the opinions/attitudes of the students and teachers in the Departments of Computer Science and Business Administration in the College of Sciences in Bisha University, Al-Namas in introducing ESP courses to the curriculum in level one and two. The required data was collected by the use of the tools of questionnaires, and informal interviews with the teachers of the subjects from the department of English, the department of Computer Science and the department of Business Administration. The results revealed that the majority of the students were not happy with existing materials.  The students said that they would be more motivated to learn ESP courses than general English provided in their textbooks. Therefore, both students and teachers also were in support of introducing English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses to their present syllabi.

Keywords: English as Foreign language (FL)., English for Foreign language (EFL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Needs Analysis (NA)