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Energy Management Solution using Internet of things (Published)

Energy management is imperative at a time like this. Due to rising population and lack of adequate power supply to satisfy energy consumers, there is an urgent need to provide an efficient way to manage energy. This study proffers solution to the enormous challenge of managing energy by developing a model that helps both consumer and energy providers manage energy efficiently. This solution will enable monitoring of power over a specific period and intelligent switching of power sources. Thus, the energy consumer gets a detailed information of energy usage and specific time and duration of power switching between different energy sources. It assists energy providers such as the Electricity DISCOs (Distribution Companies) to monitor energy distribution. The study composes four distinct parts which are; the automatic transfer switch, the internet of things module, the mobile application and the cloud server. This study helps to intelligently chose between energy sources, observe and log power usage patterns of homes, provide analytics and insight to energy usage by consumers, provide ease, comfort and safety to users and optimally manage energy in homes.

Keywords: Electric energy, Internet of Things (IoT), automatic transfer switch (ATS)., cloud servers, energy management, mobile applications

Energy Efficiency and Management as Panacea to Economic Stability In Nigeria (Published)

For any country to achieve effective growth and development, its energy has to be diversified. Nigeria depends on mono-cultural crude oil as the main source of energy which is unsustainable and this contributed solely to the economic recession in the country. Therefore, dependence on one energy source will not guarantee the energy security needed in economic sectors such as transportation, education, health, banking, security, factories etc. The paper examines how alternatives to fossil fuel can contribute in the attainment of Nigeria’s economic growth and development in terms of energy efficiency and management. On the other hand, the reviews shows that neglecting utilization of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar energy, geothermal, biomass poses a major threat to the attainment of energy security in the country. Mitigation to this challenge includes sectorial funding, research and development, promotion of energy efficiency and conservation management, and effective energy pricing policy.

Keywords: Economic Stability., Energy Efficiency, and renewable energy., energy management, sustainable energy