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Evaluation of Police Public Relations in the Post #EndSARS Youths Protests in South-East, Nigeria (Published)

The Nigerian police over the years have had image problem which culminated in the 2020 #EndSARS Protests. This study investigated police public relations in the post #EndSARS youths Protests in south-East, Nigeria. The study adopted survey research method with a population of 23,887,937 and a sample size of 400 derived from the South-East geographical zone in Nigeria. Data was collected through the use of interviews on face-to-face basis as well as questionnaire. Among the findings from the study were that, there is a decrease in police brutalities as a result of the post #EndSARS Protests in South-East, Nigeria and that, there is a decrease in bribery and extra-judicial killings by the Nigerian Police Force after the #EndSARS Protests in South-East, Nigeria. The study recommended that; intensive human rights training should be given to all law enforcement officers especially those in the newly established SWAT unit of the Nigerian Police Force. Also, government should treat all matters relating to police brutality, torture and extra-judicial killings in line with the gravity of the offence and defaulters should be made to face the full wrath of the law.

Keywords: EndSars, Evaluation, extra-judicial killings and human right abuse, police relations, youths protests

Effect of the Endsars Protest on the Nigerian Economy (Published)

The study examined the Effect of the EndSars Protest on the Nigerian economy; with specific set objectives to find out the causes of the EndSars protest in Nigeria; ascertain the effect of the EndSars protest in Nigeria and proffer possible solutions to the causes of the EndSars protest in Nigeria. The study adopted the structural-functionalist theory and used the survey research method given the work coverage. Thus, the method of study was qualitative. Data were generated from secondary sources which included journal articles, news papers and other online sources. Literature review however shows that, SARS is notorious for its brutality and human rights abuses and the lack of accountability for their actions while the Nigerian economy suffered huge losses of billions of naira resulting from the protest. The Police Act, which was adopted in 1943, has broad discretionary powers in the hands of police officers,making the abuse of power possible. The study concludes that, EndSars protest has left memories not just on the Nigerian people and her economy but on the global community on issues of police brutality in Nigeria. The study therefore recommends that, state governments, in collaboration with security agencies and other stakeholders (Civil Society Organizations and traditional/religious institutions)should create avenues for interaction with the general populace and listen to the millions of voices calling for police reform; there should be great transformations in relationships between the police and communities and the Federal and State Governments should invest in youth employment to create sustainable economic opportunities foryoung people in the country thereby, growing the economy.

Keywords: Corruption, Economy, EndSars, Good Governance, Protest, police brutality