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Effect of Corruption on Employment in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation. (Published)

To ensure full employment of human resources has been a major problem in Nigeria over the years. This research investigated the influence of corruption on employment level in Nigeria from 1994 to 2019. Corruption is used as explanatory variable; employment rate is used as explained variable and inflation rate is explored as a control variable. The study engaged regression method for the analysis. The outcome from the inquiry revealed that the combine influence of both corruption and inflation rate have a long run equilibrium connection with the level of employment. Corruption has significant inverse influence on the level of employment. Inflation rate taken in isolation has significant negative influence on the level of employment. Employment rate and corruption are negatively correlated and it is a strong correlation. Employment rate and inflation rate are negatively correlated but a weak correlation. Based on the findings, the investigation concludes that corruption has a significant inverse influence on employment rate in Nigeria. The implication is that, increase in corruption will lead to a decline in employment rate. It is thus recommended that Government should establish more institutions to monitor the activities of EFCC and ICPC since in recent times officials in those institutions are found in corrupt practices.

Keywords: Corruption, Inflation Rate, correlation matrix and error correction model., employment rate, regression technique