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Arbitration clauses in labor contract and its relationship with public order according to the Jordanian legislator (Published)

On our study of the arbitration clause in labor contracts and its relationship to public order, and depended on the clauses of the Jordanian Arbitration Law No. (31) for the year 2001 and its amendments for the year 2018 and Labor Law No. (8) for the year 1996, the arbitration clause mentioned in the labor contract is annulled, the Jordanian legislator is keen on The Labor Law states that its clauses related to the worker are peremptory clauses and it is not permissible to agree to violate them in order to preserve the rights of the worker. The employment owner neglects the employment, and one of these guarantees is the anullement of the clauses in which the employer waives the right in the labor contract from a right granted to him by the law, as the arbitration clause in the labor contract deprives the Magistrate Court of its specific competence in considering labor proceedings and on the urgency status and is exempt from fees. The study concluded that the arbitration clause involved the labor contract is annulled since it relates to the public order of the Jordanian legislator, and a set of results and recommendations hoping to be achieved a keyvalue to the specialized studies in this field.

Keywords: Arbitration, Employer, arbitration clause, employment owner., labor contract, public order