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Influence of Job Satisfaction on Employees’ Performance in MTN Nigeria (Published)

Organization usually sees an average worker as the source of quality and productivity gains. Any organization that does not put the welfare of its employee first such organization is endangering its performance and productivity. The study examines the relationship between job satisfaction and employees’ performance and the relationship between job satisfaction and employees’ commitment. The sample size used for the study was drawn from the staff of MTN Nigeria. A structured questionnaires were then used to elicit data from these staff. The chi-square was used to analyse the elicited data and the study findings revealed that job satisfaction has significance influence on both employee performance and employees’ commitment. Thus, the study recommends that organisations should intensify efforts in the area of non-financial rewards as a mean of influencing greater performance from the employees as well as getting the employees to be committed the organisation

Keywords: Employees’ Performance and Employees’ Commitment, Job Satisfaction