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Effects of Motivation on Employees Job Commitment in the Nigerian Banking Industry: An Empirical Analysis (Published)

The purpose of this study was to provide a holistic view of workers attitudes and perception of the various motivational factors, as well as, examines the perceived effects of management use of motivation on workers job commitment in the Nigerian banking industry. The empirical study was conducted via a survey on (six) 6, out of the 22 Nigerian banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as at the time of this survey. Using the frameworks from Parker (2001), factors manifesting employee’s job commitment were regressed on the key factors manifesting successful motivation. However, the model contrived was estimated using multiple regression analysis. Findings revealed sufficient evidence to conclude that successful Motivational factors had positive effects on employee job commitment in Nigerian banks, with majority of the respondents unanimously indicated good salaries and fringe benefits as their best source of motivation, while opportunity to some form of ownership scheme and increased responsibility/authority followed in that order.

Keywords: Banking, Employees Job Commitments, Motivation, Nigeria, Structural Equation Modeling