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Explaining The Effect of Organizations’ Practices on Employee’s Engagement in Egypt (Published)

This research explains the effect of human resource management practices (HRM) on employees’ engagement in the Egyptian context. Egyptian organizations need to have more attention to the importance of employee’s engagement that plays a major role in enhancing organizations’ sustainability, profitability and developing of their employees. The objective of this study is to develop a more in-depth understanding of the concepts of organizations’ practices and its impact on employees’ engagement. The contribution of this thesis it is one of the few studies that examine this relationship. This study is a quantitative in nature, using a sample of 226 managers, through using survey questionnaire as a tool to collect their perceptions and opinion. The findings showed that there was a strong positive relationship between HRM and engagement. Since HRM practices selection and hiring, job design additionally reward and payment were empirically found to have a dynamic role in the improvement of employees’ engagement in most of its dimensions.

Keywords: Egyptian context, HRM practices, Human Resource Management Practices, developing countries, employees’ engagement