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The Impact of Employee Silence on Counterproductive Work Behavior in the Telecommunication Sector in Egypt: An Empirical Study (Published)

There is a limited number of research studies focused on investigating the relationship between employee silence and counterproductive work behavior especially in the telecommunication sector. Thus, this study aims to examine the impact of employee silence’ dimensions on counterproductive work behavior in the telecommunication sector in Egypt. The participants in this study were 231 including both managerial and executive employees. The relations between sub-dimensions of employee silence and counterproductive work behavior are tested with correlation analysis and SEM Partial Least Squares. The results of this study have shown that as there was a positive and significant impact between acquiescent silence and counterproductive work behavior. Also, there was a negative and significant impact between prosocial silence and counterproductive work behavior, while the relationship between quiescent silence (defensive) and counterproductive behavior was not supported as the results have shown a negative and insignificant results. The reason for the different results is because some employees may be silent although they do not engage in any anti-work behaviors.

Keywords: Behavior, Work, counterproductive, employee silence