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Build a scale of Emotional Explosion, for Mu’tah University Students Using Item Response Theory (IRT) (Published)

The current study aimed to build a scale of emotional explosion, mu’tah University students using item response theory (IRT), in order to achieve the objective of the study was to build the initial scale which consist of (70) item, each item have Likert scale, the scale has been applied to a sample of (1421) students. the results Showed (48) item fitting the assumptions of Andrish (ARSM) model as a appropriate theoretical models of item response theory. And finalized the scale contained (48) a Item fitting responses (1368) and (48) to Andrish (ARSM) model, using a program (BIGSTEPS) to fitting individuals and items responses to corresponding indices (ZSTD, MNSQ) (INFIT) and external (OUTFIT), and the exclusion of individuals and non-conformity, and the remaining responses re-analysis, resulting in the members free from difficulty, as well as individual free Items. Thus ethical intelligence scale building finalized (48) a Item with an appropriate Psychometric properties with a value of reliability coefficient for scale through the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient for internal consistency (0.94) and is a high value indicates that Items cubits interdependent and coherent and consistent with each of the terms can be used to measure the ethical intelligence feature. Using Item response theory through the use of Item Separation Index (Gi) for special reliability coefficient of Items which (5.91), and use the Person Separation Index (GP) to get reliability coefficient for individuals with value (3.53) and over the ideal value (2) to demonstrate the adequacy of personnel and in the measurement of ethical intelligence feature. II calculated information function and the function of the information measure, where it was noted that more information introduction approximately halfway through the connected attribute (ability).

Keywords: Emotion, Emotional explosion, IRT, Scales