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Integrating Local Culture in English Language Teaching to Enhance Learners’ Emotion to Speak English (Published)

Integrating local culture in English language teaching (ELT) is increasingly practiced in non-English speaking countries. There are many studies on local cultural integration in ELT however study on emotional impact is rarely researched. This research therefore aimed at exploring how local culture plays its function to enhance learners’ emotion to speak English. This research was carried out at Pharmacology Institute of Makassar. The method used was a survey study. The samples were selected purposively based on their cultural backgrounds. The data that collected through observation and interview were analyzed by using thematic analysis. The result revealed that local culture functions as the ice breaker to reduce the anxiety in ELT. It also generates learners’ emotional experience then provides fun and cheerful atmosphere in learning. The learners had willingness to speak English since most as they were familiar with cultural input.

Keywords: Emotion, Local Culture, Speaking

Build a scale of Emotional Explosion, for Mu’tah University Students Using Item Response Theory (IRT) (Published)

The current study aimed to build a scale of emotional explosion, mu’tah University students using item response theory (IRT), in order to achieve the objective of the study was to build the initial scale which consist of (70) item, each item have Likert scale, the scale has been applied to a sample of (1421) students. the results Showed (48) item fitting the assumptions of Andrish (ARSM) model as a appropriate theoretical models of item response theory. And finalized the scale contained (48) a Item fitting responses (1368) and (48) to Andrish (ARSM) model, using a program (BIGSTEPS) to fitting individuals and items responses to corresponding indices (ZSTD, MNSQ) (INFIT) and external (OUTFIT), and the exclusion of individuals and non-conformity, and the remaining responses re-analysis, resulting in the members free from difficulty, as well as individual free Items. Thus ethical intelligence scale building finalized (48) a Item with an appropriate Psychometric properties with a value of reliability coefficient for scale through the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient for internal consistency (0.94) and is a high value indicates that Items cubits interdependent and coherent and consistent with each of the terms can be used to measure the ethical intelligence feature. Using Item response theory through the use of Item Separation Index (Gi) for special reliability coefficient of Items which (5.91), and use the Person Separation Index (GP) to get reliability coefficient for individuals with value (3.53) and over the ideal value (2) to demonstrate the adequacy of personnel and in the measurement of ethical intelligence feature. II calculated information function and the function of the information measure, where it was noted that more information introduction approximately halfway through the connected attribute (ability).

Keywords: Emotion, Emotional explosion, IRT, Scales

Therapeutic Dilemmas in the Management of Emotions for Couples after Discordant HIV Test Results in Eldoret Town, Kenya (Published)

The purpose of the study das to investigate the therapeutic dilemmas experienced by HTC counselors in the management of emotions for couples after discordant HIV test results in Eldoret Town, Kenya. The objectives of the study were; to investigate the therapeutic difficulties experienced by HTC counselors in releasing results to discordant couples, to find out the therapeutic difficulties in handling different emotions based on each client’s test results, to investigate the counselors’ therapeutic dilemmas in dealing with anger at the person giving the test result, to find out the difficulties experienced by HTC counselors in handling violence and emotional outbursts among discordant couples as well as to establish influence of gender and nature of training on the experience of therapeutic difficulties in handling discordance. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. The study population comprised all the HTC counselors operating within Eldoret town, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya who were 68 in total. This study adopted questionnaire as the data collection instrument. Thefindings indicated that most HTC counselors experience the said difficulties. The study reccommedned the retraining of Kenyan counselors with the view to equipping them with therapeutic as well as emotional competencies to handle the emotional dilemmas

Keywords: Couple, Emotion, HIV, Therapeutic Dilemmas, counselor, difficulties


Disinformation in image projection seeks to achieve irrational protest consideration in message consumers of political commercials. It explains why a candidate’s image is subjected to emotional evaluation by the electorate, in an election situation. The Unfair Trial advertisement, used to separate Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP from Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, in 2015 presidential election in Nigeria, was the basis of this aesthetic analysis. Four aesthetic appreicational factors of environment, language, costume and action were used to determine how presented pictures, text and sound were expected to affect the television commercial consumers’ psyche. It is believed that emotion, introduced in political arguments, was likely to influence voter behaviour against incivility, capable of translating into loss of voter support for the disparaged candidate. It means that image projection of candidates at election should be done with dexterity, as to achieve the desired communication objective in political commercials. It is when arguments are elevated to rational discourse that emotional considerations become inconsequential in adverse contemplation for any particular candidate at elections.

Keywords: Aesthetics, Emotion, Propaganda, appeal.


A long time, the cognitive approach dominated the consumer research. But with the marketing mutations, an increasing interest was carried to the affect, particularly in the advertising communication. We recognize more and more the role of affect and emotions, such as surprise, in advertising persuasion

Keywords: Affect, Cognition, Emotion, Persuasion., Surprise